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I find it a truly unique and privileged experience to walk along side my clients as they deal with all of the struggles and joys, and the inherent suffering and pain each of us encounter at some point in our journey of life.  My hope is for each of my clients to reach a state of deep self awareness, in order to better understand their life experiences and how they are impacted.

I believe in the power of the mind, body, spirit and living life as a fully whole person.  I look at each one of my clients at time of assessment to better discover and understand root causes of mental health issues in order to determine the best treatment options.  I use a collaborative approach utilizing evidence-based practice to treat the individual needs of each client.


Women present to therapy often with issues of low self-esteem, trauma, depression/anxiety, pressures to meet the demands of family life and society, gender role expectations, and relationship concerns.  My hope is to create a safe place for women to embrace their full potential and discover what is holding them back.

Young adulthood is often a time of transitions and self discovery.  I seek to help young adults work through issues of the past and present to navigate healthier ways of the future.  Whether it be unresolved trauma, identity formation, life transition, grief and loss, mood disturbances, and relational issues young adulthood can be a challenging time. 

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